How to Save for Luxury

A lifestyle diary-sorta post

If you have read my blog for a while then you will know how much I loooooove luxury fashion; I am the girl watching all of the fashion shows, noting it all down, and always #dressingtoimpress. I believe there is no such thing as overdressing and therefore I take what I wear incredibly seriously ( how first world of me, I know ).



Unfortunately, my fashion tastes don’t quite go in line with my spending abilities…ah, blissful student budget life. However, I am not going to give up and let it phase me, and instead I am going to make everyday changes to save for the items I want. With all of this in mind, I decided to write up a little blogpost of things I am planning on doing to save myself a little coin to spend and we can see how long it takes me to get there?


  1. No more coffee – I am SUCH a grab a coffee in a cafe person; I absolutely adore the vibe that coffee shops have. However, it is one expensive hobby. 2 coffees a week is approximately a fiver that is being thrown out of the window, so I am hoping to cut down on the unnecessary coffee outings and stick to my good old cafe-tier instead.
  2. Beauty Ban – many of my friends know me as the beauty queen, and I will partially admit to this title – I have an insane collection of beauty/skincare products and if I don’t own it, I still know about it and can give an adequate recommendation. However, I do not need to be purchasing any more products ( 7 foundations should be fine, right…? ) and for now I will cut down on the amount of money I spend on new releases and try to use up all of my old products instead.
  3. Ditch bulk shopping – I have been trying to be more selective in the past year and perhaps it is reflected in my previous posts as I only have one pair of ripped jeans, one pair of chelsea boots, etc etc. However, in order to save I need to take it one step further and decide what is it exactly that I need – I had a pair of Topshop boots arrive yesterday that I am going to have to return ( *sobs uncontrollably* ) because they are a high heel and I just have nowhere to wear them. I guess you can’t have it all, sacrifices have to be made.
  4. Getting a job – now this won’t be a surprise to 95% of you because hardly anyone in this world doesn’t work, however, as a student I would’ve ideally hoped to avoid it and focus on my studying instead. However, when you want to be #ootd goals, it’s not all that simple after all. I have applied for a couple of jobs so far and I will apply for a few more and hopefully get a job somewhere and start saving!


Stay tuned for my update on how my savings are going, and hopefully see a desired item in my collection! Also, feel free to join me on the saving bandwagon, and let’s support each other and see how far we can get!

My shorts are Levi’s

My shoes are Adidas 

My sunnies are H&M ( similar )


S xxx


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