Time Management Tips

Holidays don’t last forever

This post was mainly inspired by the absolute dread me and my friends feel every time a new academic year comes around. Over many educational years I have gone through multiple tests and exams, but I also made many friends and had a lot of fun experiences ( which is one of the many good things about university ).


Nonetheless, last year was my first year in uni and I found it incredibly overwhelming, trying to balance everything I wanted to do/try out, meet new people and actually do work. Therefore, I have compiled a little list of my top time management tips to hopefully help us all and make life just that tiny little bit easier. You’re welcome.


  • prioritise your stuff: it can be really tempting to meet up for another dominos, or join another 20 societies. But trust me, uni work takes over you faster than you realise and you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have to choose, as neither choice will make you feel good.
  • have a clear schedule: don’t dream that “i will do something work later” will ever materialize into something actually productive; have a clear schedule of how much you want to do each particular day. e.g. if you fancy a gym session, plan that time in your diary so you don’t feel like you are behind


  • leave room for error: something can always come up – an argument, a catch up with your housemates that takes longer than expected. Leave a couple of hours extra in the day so you can adjust your plans. Worst come to worst – you can just do more work or relax!
  • don’t leave it all until reading week: trust me, it’s not that long. A week seems ages, but it really isn’t. Both of my reading weeks went to waste last year, and I really regretted it when exam time came around.


  • make your notes on the go: when exams come around you will not have time to make notes, I have burned myself on this this year. Allocate time every week and catch up on reading and make notes on the new material.


Best of luck to you in the new academic year and I hope it all goes smooth; and if you are here as a graduate looking for tips, thanks for stopping by!


S xxx



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