Your Autumn Online Shopping, sorted

Feeling a bit spendy

Well hello there! I am currently sat writing this oh-so autumnal themed blogpost on a holiday in Madeira and it is absolutely boiling. However, I just cannot stop thinking about beautiful clothes! You ask what’s wrong with me? I don’t know, but I am just so blood excited for autumn this year!

Everyone has been updating their wardrobes recently, and so have I, so I thought I would share a couple of stores with you I am currently digging ( i.e. checking the new arrivals section…. yes it is that bad don’t judge me ).



The stores are really spoiling us this season, there is so so much good stuff in! However, one thing I would encourage to remember is to shop wisely; you don’t need every single thing. Go through your wardrobe, select what you need, and shop accordingly.


Let’s get started!

& other stories: you after a casual cashmere jumper that doesn’t break the bank? Check. A trend-led item? Check. A classic silk shirt? Also check! & other stories are amazing for classic wardrobe staples that are all amazing quality ( I cannot emphasize how little polyester they have, amen ) and that are affordable. However, if you are after a trendy piece they have them too, and they drop new stuff every week ( best news ever, trust me )


Zara: I find Zara really hit and miss sometimes, however this season they HAVE IT DOWN. The fits are beautiful, they have managed to interpret trends without outrightly copying them, and the bag game? Let’s just say it is en pointe. I am currently deliberating this bag and these LV lookalikes!

Topshop: again, I find some Topshop’s collections waaaaaay too trendy for me ( does anyone really wear those jumpers that crop above your boobs? ), however some of the pieces in their “new in” section are seriously making me swoon. These boots are everything, this mac is so cute ( and already sold out in my size, ugh ) and these jeans are making everyone lose their sh*it. Need I say more?


Happy Autumnal Purchases!


S xxx



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