Why you should be a morning person

It’s worth it, I promise

I never used to love mornings. I was always the girl who stayed in the bed until the last possible moment and as a result I was always late for school or any other appointments I have had. I was the girl who lived in her pyjamas and hated her alarm more than anything.

However, after forcing myself to wake up extremely early every single day to prepare for my A-Level exams last year I have noticed that I rather do enjoy it, much to my own surprise. It’s not to say that it’s been easy – first week you feel like hell and it seems like your bed is the most comfortable place to exist. If you, however, remain strong and force yourself out of bed with your first alarm ( we all know the multiple alarm scenario too well ), it gets easier and easier the more you do it.




Whilst this is not a post about how to become a morning person ( if you would like to see that, just message me on Twitter or down in the comments ), I thought I would round up the advantages of waking up early in the hope that may be you will want to try it too.

  • Quiet. Life can truly get so so hectic nowadays, and I do believe that we live far more pressured lives than our parents have. The beautiful thing about mornings is how truly peaceful and quiet it is – if you go for walk/run, chances are you won’t see many people. For me mornings are the time to get some peace and quiet in my life, as I have found that it helps me during the day when things pile up and it gets ever so busy and loud.
  • Productivity. Sometimes a midnight work session is all you need, however if you have a normal, 9-5 job, you won’t be able to sustain that lifestyle for very long. I have discovered that I can be just as productive in the mornings, as I am late at night. My brain is clearer, I feel less tired and it definitely helps that you are not constantly distracted by new emails in your inbox.


  • Coffee+breakfast. I would not stay true to myself if I didn’t talk about my love for coffee and breakfast. There is something so cosy about a warm cuppa first thing in the morning, almost like your blanket to make up for the sad fact of having to leave your duvet behind. Moreover, I just bloody love a good breakfast. I love to experiment with different dishes, or just make a full English ( veggie version, of course ) and slowly consume it whilst reading the morning news or some of my favourite blogs.


  • Fitness. I find that working out early not only sets me up for an extra productive day, but it also just gets it out of the way really, because if I do not work out first thing in the morning, I will not work out at all during the day. I will make excuses and put it off until the next morning ( bad me, I know ). Waking up earlier ensures that I can slot in a workout and still have time to get ready.


Are you a morning person? Will you be trying out the morning person lifestyle? Let me know below!


S xxx


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