Explaining my absence

Getting back to the grind

I have to confess, I didn’t think today would be the day I would write. This Sunday was like any other Sunday, in fact like any other day I have had in the past couple of moths. I woke up, made myself a coffee, and just chilled in bed catching up on my favourite blogs and videos ( I know, student life is hard isn’t it ).

I guess it is probably for the best if I explain why the hell I wasn’t here for the past couple of weeks. My presence has gone unnoticed, however I feel like I do owe it to the small number of people who follow this blog to explain my silence.

One Thursday, I had no post to go up. I was trying to make up a post with the limited stuff I had on holiday and it just wasn’t coming to me like I thought it would. I had heaps of ideas written down, but I either didn’t have the photos, or even the outfit/products to take the photos in. For the first time, I felt confused with my content.

So like any flighter ( the whole fight-flight response thing, I am sure you’ve heard ), I have left the idea of publishing something that Thursday and decided to focus on spending time with my Dad who I do not get to see often. However, the same thing happened the following Monday, and the following Thursday.

Without being too dramatic, I am going to label this as a “blogging break”. Blogging is not a full-time job of mine by no means, however I find that I have never really taken a break per se. And I won’t lie, it made me feel really good. For once, I did not pressure myself to a deadline and despite the break being so short, I have never felt more refreshed and ready to go again.

Now I am back, I am more inspired than ever. I have had time to regroup my thoughts and gain a little bit more energy and inspiration.

Will you take me back and re-join me? I promise I won’t disappoint.


S xxx


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