A denim love affair

Not clickbait, I promise

I have always been the girl who was slightly apprehensive of shorts. My bottom half is certainly larger than my top half, so to me having your legs exposed was never a favourite thing to do. I would get so incredibly hot in the summer and my thighs would stick together ( don’t try to act like it doesn’t happen to you ) and the whole experience would just put me off completely.

However, finding a great pair of denim can change you forever. Be it jeans, shorts, a skirt or something else, a good denim piece quickly becomes a staple in one’s wardrobe. Personally, I have not been able to take these shorts off, which is why I think you will love them so much too!


First of all, let me begin by saying that I am a person who believes that reasonable investment in denim really does pay off. And I am not talking just about the money here – it is also time that you put into searching for a perfect denim piece that will flatter you in all the right places. Whilst it may seem tidious, going into different changing rooms and trying on what looks like the exact same pair of shorts, some will just fit you better. You are much better off investing time and spending less as a result, rather than rushing and ending up with multiple pairs that don’t fit quite right.

Speaking of money, there is plenty of high-quality denim out there for a budget-friendly price point; there is no need to splash out hundreds of pounds. Of course, beautiful denim like 7FAM or Paige fits like a dream and if you want something to treat yourself – by all means go ahead. However, if you are on a tight budget, don’t feel like splashing out is the only way to find your perfect piece, because it’s not! Brands like ASOS, H&M and Topshop do beautiful denim at a really good price – you all know how much I love my black ripped Jamie jeans, they have been in almost every wintery post! ( no shame ).


The shorts I am showing you here are from Levi’s. My parents always used to wear Levi’s denim and to me it always represented classic, high quality styles which is exactly why I finally decided to invest in a pair of shorts from this brand! This model is called 501 in the waveline wash – a lighter wash is easier to wear in the summer and it attracts less sunlight which means you won’t get as hot ( yes I know this is incredible – all the rubbish you know as an adult is fascinating ).


These shorts a bit more rigid, which makes the denim look more expensive and they hang just that little bit better on you – I find that stretchy shorts just squeeze your thighs too much! Additionally, these are also high-wasted as well as being a little bit longer so they cover your bum – I am not a fan of showing either part of my ass to the world!


Is there a kicker? Well, not really. They are not the cheapest shorts out there, but they are not terribly expensive either! Andddd you can get 20% off if you are a student – bargain!


Overall, I am very pleased with my first Levi’s purchase and come winter I will definitely be looking into buying a pair of Levi’s jeans for sure! You can check out these shorts here.

What’s your favourite brand for denim? I need some more recommendations for the autumn season!


S xxx




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