Summer Make Up Favourites

Glow baby, glow

I get easily excited about make up no matter what time of year it is, however there is summer beauty that just makes me want to do backflips and jump for joy that little bit more. Creamy formulas, more vibrant colours, lighter textures… what’s not to love? So let’s get into it, here are my summer make up favourites!


Speaking of creamy formulas, I do love me a good cream in the summer. They are so fuss-free and easy to blend, which is perfect for when you cannot be asked to do anything because you are so hot ( we’ve all been there ). The top base product for this is definitely the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, because OMG it gives you the best skin ever. You can wear it alone or under your foundation, but either way it gives you baby soft skin and makes you look so radiant! Word of warning: it can make your more silicone-based primers roll off your face ( gross, I know ), so be careful what you use it with! Otherwise, it’s a staple in my collection!



If you are after a little bit more colour, a nice creamy blush will do the trick for you just fine. I have a couple of options and both have been very loved. The Essence Me&My Ice Cream cream blush is such an old fave, I must’ve had this for years! This gives you the most beautiful coral flush to your cheeks – it isn’t the most long-lasting blush out there, but it’s pretty good for the amount it costs! You can find it here.

Another fave is the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink. I know, I know, I am so late to the game on this. For some reason I never went to buy this, however after receiving it in an Advent Calendar, I can not stop using it! This is the most gorgeous versatile mauvy-pink cream that can definitely be used both in the summer and in autumn! This is definitely a bit pricier than the Essence one, but it stays on much longer!


If you want a little summer bling to your cheeks ( who doesn’t? ), a cream highlighter is the way to go. I’ve been obsessing over an old one from MAC x Riri ( similar here ).



Cream highlight is definitely enough for most people, but if you want extra drama, lay some powder on top, such as this Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop ( mine is in a split pan with a gorgeous blush ) for that extra bit of bazazz!


For a summer lip, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a Juicy Shaker by Lancome. They have so many beautiful shades as well as a matte formula if that is more your thing, however I have the original in Wondermelon ( get it?? ) and it’s my fave! I like the shiny finish because it’s a little bit more statement, and the oil keeps my dry lips healthy and happy. Moreover, the longevity of the stain that remains after the oil has come off is perfect for a long-lasting look with no hassle of reapplying!


What are your summer must-haves? Let me know below!


S xxx


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