Why you need a good summer dress

Apologies for the messy AF hair #beachlife

IMG_4277There are many things that are essential to our summer wardrobes – a white dress, your fave bikini/swimsuit, a good pair of denim shorts, a pair of sunnies and so on. Whilst it is relatively easy to find the items mentioned ( stay tuned for a post about the best shorts evaaaaa ), one thing I have always struggled finding is the perfect colourful summer dress.


There are so many different styles, lengths and colour ways to choose from. If you are still unsure whether you need one, here is a couple of reasons why you absolutely must invest in one!


  • It is oh-so versatile. A good colourful summer dress can take you a long way and save a lotttt of time dressing. Need a beach cover up? Check. Something flowy to wear for a stroll round the city so you don’t get too hot? Check. How about a fancier dinner with friends or family? Throw on a pair of heels and also check! There is so many occasions you can wear a colourful dress to, and I am all about that multi-purpose lifestyle!


  • It saves you a lot of space. Having something so multi-purpose means you have more room for things like..bikinis? Shoes? Anything you want really! Having an outfit so statement means packing your accessories will be easier too, as you can pack a pair of beach shoes, a pair of fancier flats, a pair of heels and you are good to go! Never paying that overweight fee ever again ( no promises made here haha ).


  • Statement dress – minimal effort needed. There is something so beautiful about a summer dress, bronze skin, a barely-there face with a touch of gloss and a little bit of your fave highlighter. The good thing is, a statement dress really allows you to pull that look off, and look more Riviera chic rather than it’s-too-hot-so-I-cba look. Also, it allows you to save even more luggage space ( is this a space saving blogpost or what? ) AND you won’t waste time doing your face when you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones in a gorgeous place, wherever it may be! #summergoalz.



Whilst my particular dress isn’t available anymore ( I AM SO SORRY ), here are a couple of alternatives I like: 1)., 2)., 3)., 4).,



Do you have a summer staple in your wardrobe that you cannot imagine your life without? Let me know below!


S xxx


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