My SPF picks for the summer

You gotta do it, kids

Whilst it is old news that one absolutely must use SPF in the summer ( sun ain’t a joke kids ), I personally find the whole process of picking and choosing sun cream ever so confusing. There are gels, mists, oils, cans, creams, mousses… don’t even get me started on the different barrier levels and the fact there are separate products for separate body parts *drops head dramatically on the laptop*!

Nonetheless it is so so important we take care of our skin. You ask me why? For one, sun increases your chances of skin cancer. And two, it contributes to the faster aging of your skin.

Therefore, here is what I am using right now in terms of SPF protection and if you are on a look out for some, I hope my review helps you out.

  1. Soltan Kids Hypoallergenic Suncare Lotion SPF 50+: this is your typical sunscreen cream, the kind you used to wear as a child on holiday; it even smells like classic suncream which brings so many happy memories! I am not sure about the whole SPF 50+ thing, I have read somewhere that anything above factor 50 is just a marketing ploy, but don’t take my word for it! I will be honest, I only bought this because it was on offer ( that student life though ) and I won’t be repurchasing it again, and here is why. As it is a lotion it is very thick on consistency, even for my dry skin. Despite having the highest UVA rating, I just find that it leaves my skin very greasy and it doesn’t sink in too well. I am a much bigger fan of spray-on SPF because I think it is much lighter in consistency ( i.e. it won’t block your pores ) and it works just as well. I would recommend something like this from Garnier which I currently do not have in my collection but it much more effective and hassle-free.
  2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+: I am not sure how long the whole Anthelios line has been out, I don’t recall it being too long, but this face SPF is certainly worth the hype around it. This has no fragrance and it is so incredibly light, it is unbelievable. It smooths over the skin and I really do feel it fighting them horrible sun rays that are trying to age you. This is safe for sensitive skin too which is great if your skin breaks out easily from SPF. It is a small bottle which is very nifty if you are traveling light and the lightweight formula won’t interfere with your make up or feel heavy on your skin. This version is available here, however if you have combo/oily skin may be the anti-shine version will be better for you.
  3. Bioderma SPF 30 Moisturising anti-UV mist: this is a cool little addition to your SPF lineup if you are not a fan of heavy formulas or if you constantly forget to apply SPF before your make up. This is a very fine mist which provides protection but does not ruin your glam ( can we get a hurray up in here? ), so even if you forget to apply your sun protection you can just do it after! Moreover, it is great for touch ups throughout the day and it keeps your skin nice and moisturized which I find so helpful by the beach, as my skin tends to go like sandpaper after a dip in the sea! This is only SPF 30 so I would recommend this if you have a little colour to you already or if the sun is not too strong – otherwise start with factor 50 and then switch to this instead. If you buy one thing please buy this; it is such an innovative and cool product! You can find the mist here.


A little bonus: Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun – I did not believe in the power of after sun lotion before I tried this one; to me it seemed like a moisturizer with a fancy scent and a higher price tag. However, this one from Hawaiian Tropic completely exceeded my expectations. The lotion is really lightweight and sinks in fast which is what you want in hot, sticky weather; the smell is nice but not too overpowering; I don’t know how it works but it feels pretty cooling too, it is quite extraordinary! I would highly suggest you check it out, you can have a look at it here.


What are your summer SPF picks? Is there a product that you wear by? Let me know!


S xxx


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