Hair products you need this summer

Giving those locks some extra love

I find that it is so so important to take care of your hair all the time, but especially during the harsher seasons ( i.e. winter and summer ) where your hair really goes through a lot of damage from the weather as well as your surroundings. Today I wanted to focus on summer haircare in particular, because even though my hair is dry, it gets even drier in the summer! My hair is also dyed ( if you haven’t seen my hair it is all over my Instagram – @so.sofiya ) which dries it out even more, so I have really taken my time to find products which moisturize my hair, as well as protect it from the sun and the sea. These are definitely a must have if you are going away on holiday or if your hair needs some extra TLC!


  • Upping that moisture game – as I have said above, extra moisturization on top of your regular shampoo and conditioner is so important. Depending on the product you can get heavy duty moisturization ( with this oil from Ogx ), or a nice sheen to your hair ( with this spray from Ogx or this all-over Nuxe oil ). If, however, you don’t fancy weighing your hair down I would highly recommend this Schwarzkopf Mist Oil – it makes your hair feel so so soft but it feels like it weighs nothing! Moreover, the smell is incredible and it stays!


  • Getting a salt spray – this goes against my previous point, but hear me out! I do not recommend using a salt spray every single day, because it can make your hair so coarse and dry to the touch, but for the days when you just cba to blowdry/curl/do your hair, this offers a perfect solution creating that I-just-walked-out-of-the-ocean look, even if you live in the middle of the city with no prospect of a lake/sea, let alone ocean… #fakeittillyoumakeit girl. There is an amazing spray from Bumble&Bumble, but if you are on a budget try this Schwarzkopf one instead, it is just as good!


  • Letting go of the hairdryer – if you are fortunate enough to be in a hot climate perhaps a good idea is to lay off the tools and let your products work in the fresh air. For example, this root spray that I have from Paul Mitchell works wonders even if I don’t blowdry my hair! I guess what I am trying to say is, may be it is worth giving your hair a breather in the summer and instead focusing on spending more time on getting out there and enjoying the lovely weather?


Are there any summer hair care tips you have? Share them down below!


S xxx


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