Why I support bloggers

We’re in this together 

I’ve had this post idea in the back of my mind for a long time, thinking about how exactly to approach this subject. However the recent outbreak of witch hunts on my Twitter feed made me realise that there is no benefit from postponing this post any longer.


I am sure most of you will relate to these points, no matter whether you are a blogger yourself or simply a devoted reader. There are so many beautiful things about blogging and I am hoping to put them all into writing here so we can spread a little more positivity in the community that’s been going through dark times recently.

  • Honest reviews. Have you ever wondered why blogging has taken off to the extent that it did? I think it’s because of the sheer fact that blogging provides an ( mostly ) unbiased and honest place for people to read reviews and opinions. We see magazines as full of advertisements and whilst unless you worked in the industry you cannot say for sure whether it is true or not, there is something appealing about a girl/boy just like you writing about a product. These days blogs are full of undisclosed advertisements and sponsorships, but for me, honesty is always so obvious. I have always stood up to people who properly disclose and are not afraid to say that the video/post is a collaboration because they are damn proud of it. Because this is what they’ve dreamed of. There is no shame in that, there should be no shame in that, and anyone who tries to bring these successful people down needs to reevaluate what is it exactly that they are trying to achieve.


  • Real life reviews/recommendations. This kind of goes hand in hand with the previous point – bloggers are able to test out products that could be useful to us in everyday life, in all sorts of occupations. Whilst blue liner/metallic lids may be beautiful and certainly runway-trendy, most people cannot wear that to work. The beauty of an honest blogger is that they will tell you stuff straight up – this foundation did not last 8 hours on me, or this powder only looks good in photos.


  • Blogging is an incredibly supportive community. Whether you have a blog where you are sharing your life struggles, or whether you are simply a reader who comments to relatable topics that hit home, there is always so much support in the blogging community from bloggers themselves as well as other people. One person I would certainly highlight in this category is Inthefrow – the lady publishes multiple posts that have hit home an unbelievable amount of times and she always gives me support when I need it, despite being ridiculously busy. The interaction and support in the blogging community makes it a safe place for so many people who can be themselves when may be their life isn’t allowing them to do so just yet.


  • Social media is creating a collaborative workplace environment. Whilst there is sponsored content out there and I am so proud for people in this industry for that, there is also so much collaboration between bloggers themselves. I’ve made a few good friends from blogging who understand my struggles, help me take pictures when my photographer isn’t there, give me advice on something I am not sure on and so much more. To those working what one might call “an everyday job” this might seem normal, almost a pre-requisite, but in an industry where often all you do is sit staring at a screen in complete silence ( well, may be with a cheeky tune or two in the background ), this is so incredibly important. Social media makes you feel a part of something, it gives you the reassurance that you are not alone in this. I cannot explain how important this has been for me and I am sure, if you have a blog, you can certainly relate to this too.


  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Sure, it may spark arguments or at least heated discussions with people taking sides, but you are allowed your own point of view. Again, this point draws back to being able to express yourself without feeling the pressure – and if you do feel it anyway, the chances are, someone is going to agree with you which will reassure you of your own opinion. We are allowed to like a different foundation, follow a different religion or prefer different foods – blogging gives you an opportunity to find a support network for your view when you may not necessarily have that in your so-called “normal”, real life social circle.



Bloggers and readers alike, I am sure you can relate to this. We need to make blogging a better place for all of us and stop spreading negativity. It makes our industry look bad, it makes us look bad and we should know better than initiate witch hunts and bring other people down. As so many people say, you do you boo.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Feel free to comment down below or if you want more of an in-depth discussion please DM me on Twitter ( @sosofiya_ ) or pop me an email – my address is 09sivanenko@gmail.com

I love you all and I hope your day is filled with light and positivity,

S xxx


3 thoughts on “Why I support bloggers

  1. Such a lovely post! And totally agree. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about blogging then it’s that being nice to someone doesn’t cost anything and it makes their day! It’s so easy to make people happy by just being nice so why would you be a prick, that’s too much bloody effort right!


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