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I am writing this from a train, which I got as I stepped off yet another all-night flight. Well it wasn’t nowhere as glamorous as it sounds ( I haven’t quite grasped the concept of glamorous traveling yet ), but it certainly was eventful – I had ridiculously heavy suitcases ( pretty standard ), had some yummy food in my tummy and managed to get a half-decent snooze. Aside from the heavy suitcases and one crying baby, I would say this flight was pretty positive, more than that, I enjoyed it ( as much as one can enjoy being out of bed at 4 am with a bunch of strangers ). However my point is, my flight was enjoyable because I made so.


Over the years I have put in conscious effort to improve my flying experience, because flights can be draining and stressful, so I choose to be a little more kind to myself than usual. Here are some of the useful tips I have acquired over the years and the ones I think you should adopt too:


  1. Pre-flight skin prep makes a difference. Whilst sometimes you may simply run out of time, there is nothing like doing a face mask before your flight to give your skin some extra boost. I did a little duo of facemasks yesterday ( it’s all on my Twitter – @sosofiya_ ) and my skin feels so much better, because of the drying airplane air my normal moisturizer just would not suffice. Moreover, dry skin = spots, so if I do a moisturizing mask, it’s almost certain that I won’t break out at the other end! This is a princessy thing to do but if you have a little bit of time I strongly urge you to.
  2. Drink a load of water. A very simple point, and I won’t stay here long, but make sure you are drinking constantly. I am to drink about 3 litres minimum in the 12 hours I am traveling if I don’t sleep – some on the way to the airport, some on the airplane itself, some in the passport control queue. It also helps to perk you up if you get uber tired, so water is definitely a must.
  3. Don’t neglect an opportunity for a carry-on suitcase. I have only started doing this recently and I can’t believe how far it can take someone. I can now bring my book, my water, laptop, cosy socks, food, beauty bag, hairbrush and more and not feel overwhelmed by a heavy bag that makes my shoulder feel like it’s about to fall off. It depends if you like to pack a lot of things with you – for an overpacker like me this is a life saving tip!
  4. Plan your entertainment ahead. If you are someone who gets bored really easily, make sure you have enough podcasts/Netflix episodes downloaded in case the flight has no TV screens ( I know I am faced with this every time I fly ). I have listened to all the most recent podcasts recently but luckily I have packed multiple reading materials to keep me entertained. Whatever works for you, as there is nothing worse than being bored on the plane.
  5. In-flight skincare. I mean, we all know this would be my favourite section. My in-flight skincare largely focuses on moisturizing, so all my products are there to contribute to a more supple complexion. This Pixi toner is HANDS DOWN one of the best things out there ( if you haven’t read about it, where exactly have you been? I have written about it here ) and you absolutely must order it if you have normal/dry/combo skin ( it’s available here )! Other bits I love are these eye patches that really help to depuff your eyes, and lip balm because my lips get so chapped it is unbelievable ( mine at the moment is Kiehl’s, it’s available here ). Oh, and if it is a late night flight it is a pretty safe bet to pack a sleeping mask with you, just in case your airline doesn’t provide any.


As much as traveling to new destinations is exciting, it is also important to make you feel as comfortable as possible on your way there to make sure you don’t lose out on the experiences you travelled for because you are tired from your flight!

What are your essentials that you like to take on a plane? Let me know!


S xxx


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