Two lipsticks I am currently obsessed with

Confessions of a woman addicted to lip products

My love for lip products is unconditional and never-changing. It is one thing that I will buy religiously, and I think many women are like that. If you go into your make up stash and check, do you have more foundations than lip products or lip products than foundation? If you the latter, welcome to my world.

Regardless of whether you are into your lipsticks or not, there two little gems are honestly worth your time ( and your money! ). One of the options is more budget-friendly, another is more up there in price, but both have become my staples and they are pretty much the only two lipsticks I have been reaching for for the past couple of months.

  1. Dior Addict Lacquer Stick. This is really a special formula and texture. It is not a matte lipstick, which might shock some of you, but honestly this lip lacquer will convert you back to that glossy lip life! It’s moisturizing ( as it has the “comfort of a balm” ) whilst providing maximum colour and incredible coverage – please don’t think that this is one of those shiny wash of colour lipsticks. This is a completely new formula that is taking the world by storm!
    My colour is Underground ( the swatch to the right of the photo ) and it is not a colour I would gravitate towards if I saw it. However, when a lovely girl in Selfridges applied it on me I fell in love with how it looks on me with my red hair. A couple of other people have been wearing it, and I think it looks stunning on them too! If this is not your shade, please check out the whole range – they have 18 shades so it’s guaranteed you will find something you love!
    You can check out the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick here.
  2. L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Addiction Lipstick.ย I first heard Lydia Millen talking about this colour ( kudos to you girl, you’re awesome ) and without waiting much longer I went on a hunt to try and fine this. This is not a widely accessible shade so it’s only available in larger Boots stores – but believe me, it is worth your time searching for this.
    The formula of this lipstick is like none other. This is your high-quality, comfortable to wear matte formula, with incredible pigment and longevity. The best bit is that this lipstick is only ยฃ6.99! I have become so obsessed, I am seriously considering buying the whole line, because this lipstick is that good!
    This is in the colour 103 Blush in a Rush. It is a beautiful pale pink colour that looks stunning on so many skin tones! But again, if this is not your shade, have a look online, they have so many beautiful options! This also smells stunning too, btw ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You can check out theย L’orealย lipsticks here.

My shirt is from Zara ( old, but there is a similar one here ).

Have you tried any of the two lipsticks? Give me your thoughts! Also, if you are a lip product lover, what are your recommendations? I need to try more lip stuff!


S xxx


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