How to detox for summer

Preparation for summer 101

When it comes to me, in the summer I resort to barely-there clothes and very bare skin. Therefore, in order to feel confident in myself I try to take care of myself and my skin even more so than in the colder months. Whilst exercise is also very important to get all the nasties out of you, there are a couple of other things you could do to detox for summer.

  1. Detox your body. I cannot emphasise how important drinking water is. I know everyone always says this, and I am guilty of putting it on my resolutions list every January, but it is honestly so so important. I can really really see the benefits of it, particularly with how I feel – I don’t get nowhere near as many headaches, I am so much more energetic, etc. A girl I used to train with used to tell me to drink water, because often we confuse hunger with thirst, therefore we overeat. Now if that’s not motivation to drink more, than I don’t know what would be!


2. Detox your skin. This is something that I do throughout the summer too, as well as during the year. It is so so important to keep your skin clean. I have recently finished my uni exams ( WOOOOO! ) and as a result been having quite a few drinks – safe to say it’s taken a little bit of a toll on my skin. I follow the same ritual to deal with this – I steam my skin to open my pores and use my L’oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask. I have bought this about nine months ago and it is my most favourite face mask I have ever used. It draws out aaaaalllll of the impurities without overdrying my combination skin. My skin looks incredible every time I use it, so glowy! You can see it in the photos above, that’s my skin #nofilter post this mask. Basically what I am trying to say is that you all absolutely must try it and I honestly believe you will love this – it’s available here.



3. Detox your mind. Most of you have perhaps heard of a digital detox, and whilst I am not quite ready to part with my phone for more than an hour, even taking 10 mins off whilst your face mask dries to read a magazine/drink a tea/just lie down and think about nothing can be so so helpful. I find that the world can get so overwhelming, so there is nothing that taking yourself out of the situation you are stressed about and taking a minute to breathe. It almost feels contrary to what you should be doing in a stressful situation, but trust me and force yourself to try it once – you will be hooked on the feeling of a clear mind.


Are you preparing for summer in any particular way? Do you believe in the power of a digital detox? And the most important q, have you tried the L’oreal mask? IT IS INCREDIBLE!


S xxx


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