Gucci Sylvie Mini Chain Bag Review

My first designer bag experience 

I don’t talk about this too much on my blog, but if you know me, you know I am utterly and totally obsessed with high fashion. The fashion months are the best 60 or so days of the year in my opinion, and I honestly never get bored of looking around the shops and exploring new collections and the ideas that shaped them. So it is, perhaps, unsurprising, that I love bags.

However, I think that I personally see fashion, bags in particular, as somewhat of a form of art. I know people see things differently and there are many girls who share my views, but I do genuinely believe that fashion can be like art. Perhaps that is why I do not believe in fast fashion. This topic deserves a blogpost of its own, which I promise I will write shortly.

Without me rambling on any more, today I wanted to present you my first official proper designer bag and share my thoughts on it.

Gucci editted--3

So this bag is the white Gucci Sylvie in the smallest size. Many of you are probably thinking that this is by far not the best bag to choose when you are getting your first designer bag, and I completely agree. However, because I go to uni my first point of call is not perhaps an everyday handbag, but more of an occasion one, as that’s the gap I felt in my wardrobe. Moreover, please remember what I told you about my view on bags as a form of art. To me, this bag was like a painting; it was unique, special and it told a story. And that’s why I fell in love with it.

Gucci editted--2

The leather on this is neither patent, nor grainy – it is a really special texture that it impossible to describe. It provides a mix of the bag looking a bit more formal, however the leather is so incredibly sturdy. I have worn this on multiple occasions ever since I got it – it’s had make up brushes in it, it’s been stuffed to the brim, and it still looks just as stunning as when I first held it in my hands.

Gucci editted-4170

I adoooore the clasp on this ( btw, apologies for the grim fingerprints on it, lol ), as it’s secure but also easy to open. Moreover, as someone who wears mainly white gold, this shade of yellow gold on the detailing still somehow compliments my wardrobe no matter what I wear. The same goes for the whole bag actually – somehow it has suited every outfit I wear. Now I don’t know what kind of magic that is, but I am more than okay with it.

Gucci editted-4221

As far as capacity, it is not the largest bag in the world, as you can see. However, it does fit my Iphone 6 in it with plenty of room ( so perhaps a larger phone would fit too ), a packet of tissues, my card holder, some make up, keys and headphones. Of course you would not take this bag to work every single day, but for a day out shopping/ going to a restaurant it’s perfect, as it prevents me from taking too much unnecessary stuff with me.

Gucci editted-

As you can tell, I am pretty smitten with this and I strongly encourage you to check out Gucci and their designs because I’ve been nothing short of wowed with the quality of their products.

The bag is available here, my top is from Zara ( similar here ), and jeans are from Topshop.

Gucci editted-4186

What do you think of this bag? Is there a particular brand whose accessories you are obsessed with right now? Let me know, I need more places to shop at!


S xxx


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