Paris City Guide

What to see, where to eat, and where to sleep in the dreamiest of cities

Paris is one of the most incredible cities you could ever visit. It very much reminds me of London, and that’s another one of my favourite cities, so it’s no surprise that I am so smitten with Paris. However, I do know that when you go abroad it can be so overwhelming because you might not know where to go and where are the best spots in the city. Well, consider yourself saved, because I am here with a list of my recommendations for your next Paris getaway!


Where to sleep:
Parisian hotels can be incredibly expensive ( which is not the best for a student budget, may I add ). If you can afford that, please go ahead, but I settled for an Airbnb and it was so worth the money. It was situated at Rue Tiquetonne, so in 1st district I believe, and was so close to so many attractions! And we ended up paying a lot loss than we would’ve paid for a hotel. This also meant that we didn’t buy lunch but made it ourselves, which saved us a bit of money too!


Where to eat:
On another level though, the food in Paris is out of this world. So many incredible restaurants, it will blow your mind. However, another thing that you realise when you get to Paris, is that the food is very expensive. And I am talking more-than-London kind of expensive. Therefore we really had to scout for good places that didn’t break the bank completely.
1. Angelina – if you only get one thing here, get their famous hot chocolate. The location is stunning as it’s just off the Louvre, and the restaurant itself is magnifique. Incredible chandeliers, chairs, everything! A true princess heaven.

2. O’scià Pizzeria Napoletana – this was situated on the same street we lived on and we stumbled upon it completely randomly as we were starving and didn’t know where to eat. It was only later that we found out that this restaurant was one of the best pizzerias in Paris. You could definitely tell though – the place was packed and there was hardly any room. After waiting for our table ( not for too long ), we ordered the most incredible wine and pizza. The whole place is family owned by an Italian family and it definitely has the best vibe to it; we ended up drinking limoncello with one of the waiters afterwards! I honestly cannot recommend this place enough, you absolutely must visit it, here is their website.

What to see:
Honestly, the Parisian landmarks and popular places are so worth a visit. You absolutely must pay a visit to all the museums if that’s your thing ( my top one is Musee D’Orsay, it has a bit of everything ). Other attractions include Notre-Dame, Sainte-Chapelle ( ridiculously beautiful ), Sacre-Coeur, and of course, La Tour Eiffel ( if you want to see my collection of snaps in front of the Eiffel Tower, feel free to visit my instagram over at @so.sofiya ). For something more modern visit La Centre Pompidou. Whatever your interest, Paris has something for everyone!



You absolutely must visit Paris! It is such a popular attraction for a reason! I love it so much, I may or may not be considering moving there for a bit after I finish my degree!


My outfit: top similar to mine here, my pinafore dress is Kenzo x HM ( available from Ebay here ), my shoes are available here, and my bag is available here.

Have you been to Paris? What is your favourite memory, or where would you like to visit?


S xxx


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