The most beautiful dress

Every girl needs a dress that will make her feel like a princess

With times I feel like we are moving further and further away from trends such as the LBD. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a staple I think you absolutely must have in your wardrobe as it is so versatile. However, as more designers enter our lives and present us with gorgeous designs, a new kind of dress becomes a staple; something recognisable, not in the annoying way, but in a sophisticated, ‘she-has-it-together’ kind of way. If this sounds like something you’d love, then I present you the dress that ticks those boxes.



I am sure no matter who you are, or whether you follow fashion trends to a T, or not at all, you’ve recognised this dress. This beautiful Self-portrait Azaelea dress in the most stunning cobalt blue shade.

You’ve probably seen this dress a bunch of times on all sorts of people, at weddings, on bloggers, everywhere! But I absolutely couldn’t not mention how high quality, stunning and unique these pieces are. You pay for a lot more than just a name; you pay for an intricate design, for an absolutely stunning fit… and what’s most important to me, you pay for feeling like you are on top of this world every time you wear it.


I wore this on my birthday in Paris and despite me wearing it all day, I didn’t feel like I was overdressed, or that I was uncomfortable! It was also rather warm in Paris and I did not feel hot ( apart from when I was running frantically trying to find an uber because I was late for my birthday breakfast…lol )

Honestly, I cannot recommend this dress enough! If the shape is not for you, please do still check out the other styles and shapes they have over here. This brand has only recently become big, however their prices remained at an upper high street level, and I respect them for that. This way everyone sooner or later can afford a Self-portrait piece and more and more men and women can feel special, and I feel like that’s the most empowering message a brand could bring to the fashion industry.

Some of my favourite designs from Self-portrait are Azaelea, the petal monochrome number, the raglan detail dress, the star lace paneled dress, and so much more! I guarantee you, you will find something you will fall in love with, so please check out their website!

My shoes are from Sam Edelman, and my bag is from Gucci.

Have you got a brand that just ticks all the boxes every single time? Let me know below, I need some shopping inspiration!


S xxx


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