My favourite flats + comfy trousers

When you finally find a pair of flats you love..

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you two of my favourite spring pieces at the moment ( I say at the moment, because tomorrow could be completely different – girls, what can I say ). This outfit makes for a perfect travel outfit as well as just an everyday outfit when you need to look put together but you want to remain comfy too.


These trousers have been giving me #life recently. They were a limited edition Kenzo x H&M collaboration. I think they are not available for general sale at the moment, but you can for sure try to find them on ebay, I know that quite a few people are selling some pieces from the collection!


These trousers are a 100% silk, which makes them so breathable. Plus, the pattern is very unique and I love the orange ties, as it just adds a pop of springy colour to the outfit.


Because the trousers are so statement, I paired them with simple black pieces to really give the trousers their moment. This black body has been featured on this blog way more times than it should ( find similar here ), and the flats are also something I wanted to talk to you about.

I have been on the search for flats similar to a pair of Gucci ones I’ve been lusting over for a while now, and my search has proved to be harder than expected. However, then I stumbled upon a brand called Sam Edelman. And they had these Brandie flats, which you can see pictured. It’s a simple satin flat, but the ties and the shape make it really special. This brand is not super accessible in the UK, but you can get my flats from Shopbop and it gets delivered in no time!



You absolutely must tell me what your favourite spring pieces are at the moment, leave a comment below! Hope you have a lovely Sunday and I will catch you later!


S xxx


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