Why getting a hat will be the best thing for your wardrobe

Because we all need an accessory we can always rely on

Hey gorgeous people! Today I am coming back at you with a brand new blogpost all about my obsession with an accessory that deserves so much move love – and that’s hats. I feel like hats have been having a bit more of a moment recently, but I still think there is so much more hat love to be spread. So here are a couple of reasons why you need a hat in your wardrobe.


  1. It is perfect for lazy girls ( a.k.a. all of us on our ‘meh’ days ).
    We all have those days where we just cannot be bothered – cannot be bothered to put on make up, do our hair, sometimes even dress ( we’ve all been there, don’t judge ). Whilst a hat may look like an intimidating accessory, I promise you it isn’t. A hat is perfect because it can cover up your face if you don’t feel like wearing make up and it can hide you from the world when you just had that one glass too much…or deadlines are giving you no sleep; each to their own 😉
  2. It is THE BEST thing for bad hair days.
    We all know this feeling – you curl your hair, you have perfect curls for one day… The next morning you wake up looking like a hurricane has passed through your hair. And I get it, not all of us ( most of us, actually ) don’t have time to re-do our hair every single day ( because sleep>everything ). A good hat can come in handy in this situation too. Btw, it is also amazing at covering up your roots when they are greasy/in need of a touch-up ( more sleep in the morning? sign me up )
  3. It can make any look more sophisticated and chic.
    For some reason when you wear a hat with a simple pair of jeans and a top it suddenly pulls the whole outfit together. Don’t ask me how, because I just don’t know. But do me a favour – go into a Topshop or a H&M near you, and try out your fave outfit with a hat. I promise you, you will see your pieces differently!


My hat is from Reserved ( similar here ), and it was very budget-friendly. There are so many hats on the market, and different face shapes suit different ones! My fave ones are this one from Topshop, this one from H&M ( a much more summery option ), and this one from Maison Michel ( ultimate hat goals! )

My jeans can be found here, my body is from Reserved ( similar here ), my scarf is here ( similar ) and my boots are from Mango ( similar here ).


Do you own any hats and if you don’t, will you be trying some out?


S xxx


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