LFW Recap: My favourite shows

A little post about my dreams coming true…

This post is something I thought I’d never write. A post which is so surreal I still cannot believe I am writing this.

Last week I was fortunate enough to visit and take part in London Fashion Week. I was working for a magazine so my schedule was a lot tighter than probably other bloggers who visited, but let me tell you, it was insane nonetheless.

I got to visit so many ( SO MANY ) shows, but today I thought I’d feature with you some of my favourites and the ones that made me fall in love with the brands even more than previously.

  1. Ashley Isham. This was a show at the Freemasons and I went to many shows there but not many impressed me quite like Ashley Isham did. The most stunning was this beautiful dress with a trail ( the photo is below ) in the pattern that was used in many of the outfits. We need to take a moment for this beautiful fabric *deep breath*. It is the most stunning lilac floral pattern I have seen and the fabric is so stunning. I will be making sure to buy something from the collection as soon as it launches. Check out Ashley Isham’s stunning clothing here.
    Image Credit: Vogue
  2. Malone Souliers. This was one of those presentations that was on my must-visit list. I have been a fan of Malone Souliers for such a long time; to me, every shoe is a piece of art and this season’s presentation certainly kept that standard up. The variety of shoes was stunning, from a classic pump to a take on the over-the-knee trend. There were also some new pieces from the Malone Souliers x Natalia Vodianova collaboration, some particular stunners in there. The shoes were all statement and different, an absolute must in any woman’s wardrobe. All in all the presentation was unique, chic and statement – exactly what I expect from Malone Souliers when I purchase their shoes. Check out Malone Souliers here.
  3. Han Wen. Another show from the Freemasons that inspired me and gave me a certain sense of power I simply cannot explain. The pieces ranged from beautiful pleated skirts and shirts which projected femininity to more androgynous leather trousers and oversized jackets. The girls had overdrawn bottom eyelashes which almost made them look doll-like. The music was loud and powerful and everyone was in awe. A simply incredible show. Read about Han Wen here.
  4. Aspinal of London. Aspinal is a classic British brand and I personally associate it with something like Burberry – close to home but nonetheless luxurious and of such high quality that it never gets old. The presentation was set out in the beautiful Ballroom in Claridge’s which created a perfect backdrop for the new pieces. The room was full of Trunk Clutches, Marylebone bags, Lotties and many more. A new feature of customising bags and trunks with initials seems interesting too – yet another way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. My particular favourite from the collection is the new collaboration with the artist Emma J Shipley – a range of bags and backpacks all inspired by pegasus and the zodiac constellation. I have my eye on the mini backpack and will be for sure picking it up as soon as it lands in store! Check out Aspinal here.

There is so many more shows that I have visited and loved, from Temperley to Rohmir, but if I were to write about them all, we would be here all day! Just know that I love Fashion Week and absolutely cannot wait to be back next season!

For more coverage of Fashion Week be sure to follow me on Instagram @so.sofiya 🙂


S xxx


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