How to spend 24 Christmas-filled hours in London

There is something incredibly magical about London. Every time I step my foot onto one of the numerous platforms in London, my heart skips a beat because it truly feels like my home.

Somehow, however, the magic in London intensifies by more than imaginable over Christmas. The beautiful display windows, the limited edition drinks, the ice skating rinks and the food markets – it all merges into one Christmas destination you simply cannot miss out on.

I have recently been lucky enough to visit my favourite city once again and therefore I’ve decided to round-up a little post telling you about all the Christmas things to do in London this year!

  1. Get your skates on:
    London is famous for its incredible array of ice skating rinks in every single area imaginable. Personally, I am the biggest fan of the ice skating rink at the National History Museum. It is small enough so it doesn’t get too busy and because it is a little bit more expensive ( prices for adults start at £12 during off-peak times ) you wouldn’t get as much of a crowd as you would, for example, in Winter Wonderland.img_0587

    The 50 minute sessions give you plenty of time to remind yourself how to skate and let’s be honest, what’s more festive than ice skating with your loved ones?

  2. Visit the Winter Wonderland
    Now, I know I just said that Winter Wonderland can get ridiculously busy, but you don’t have to shuffle through the crowd to get a festive experience. My suggestion to you would be to go and see something new which has been introduced this year, The Nutcracker on Ice. I have been treated to go and see it, and I must say it is certainly an experience worth investing in.img_0599

    The tickets are not as expensive as your average show in West End which makes for a nice treat if you are a student or on a budget. Moreover, the performance only lasts an hour which isn’t too much time commitment especially if you are pushed for time and you want to get lots done!

  3. Get shopping!
    Oh, shopping. Shopping is one of my most favourite things in the world, topped only by Christmassy shopping in London ( and a good bowl of pasta ). If you ask me, festive shopping doesn’t get much better than Knightsbridge; Harrods, to be precise.img_0553

    Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly as luxe as it gets when it comes to shopping, but even if you are just browsing and getting inspired for Christmas, this is the place to be. My favourite section has to be the  superbrands brands section, where each entrance was decorated with garlands and fairy lights – something subtle, sophisticated and classic, which is exactly what Harrods is all about!


  4. Get your caffeine ( or hot choc ) fix on!
    London tires you out, trust me. And in my opinion, if there is any time of the year to let go a bit and enjoy the sugary drinks, it is definitely Christmas. My top picks for this year have to be the Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks, Peppermint Latte from Costa and the Salted Caramel Hot Choc or Latte from Caffe Nero ( all with whipped cream, obviously ). Besides, somehow there is nothing better than working in a toasty coffee shop with a yummy drink when it’s cold outside!img_0541-2My boots are ASOS, my jumper dress is really old ( similar here ).

Wherever you may be travelling this Christmas, make sure to tweet me @melonlover007 and tell me where you are going! And even if you are not, embrace and cherish the time you will spend with your loved ones because it is one of the most precious gifts we are given in life.


Sofiya xxx



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