The story that made me smile more

You will often hear me talking about different stories that have touched my heart, but none have quite hit me, so to speak, as this one did. And the funny thing is – I actually don’t know why.

This story wasn’t particularly special. It involved me.


A couple of weeks back I was in Birmingham, as always, shopping ( because hello, have we met? )

Anyway, so there I was, in the middle of Birmingham, exhausted, hangry, and frankly speaking, really upset. Want to know why? Because I couldn’t afford a beautiful pair of Gianvito Rossi’s I’ve tried on.

I wasn’t pulling a strop, wasn’t crying, I was just upset. Because these things generally do get to me. Or at least they did.


Whilst my other half has been getting some food, I was approached by a man, a man who stared at my boots. My Asos boots ( similar here and here). He started asking me questions about them and I was frankly speaking, really scared. But then he explained it all. He was looking for some boots for his wife, she wanted the ones from Carvela, but he couldn’t afford them. He thought mine were Carvela too, and couldn’t believe that they were only £55.

I don’t know how, or why, but it hit me. It hit me how truly ungrateful I have been. On the train back I couldn’t stop thinking about how selfish I have been. I have a healthy family, a gorgeous boyfriend who helps me and supports me no matter what, a job, I study at one of the best Universities in the country.. So why was I so unhappy?

And then it got to me. I was living other people’s lives, but I wasn’t living mine. I was looking at Instagram ( my Instagram is @so.sofiya ), YouTube and Snapchat ( sonya_sonya98 ), thinking that everyone was better off than me. Everyone was happier than me, everyone had better clothes than me, everyone was luckier than me. But the truth is – they aren’t.

No one lives a perfect life. Sure, some people may have more than others but that does not mean that their life is any less hectic or crazy than yours or mine.

Therefore, after that story I decided to smile more. Not just because it makes you feel better, but because I am happy. And I have promised myself that every time I get sad or down because I cannot afford something I really want – I will remember that man who was looking for a pair of shoes for his wife. And that will just remind me that love exists. And that’s all that really matters.


My jumper dress is from Missguided


Sofiya xxx


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