The 3 Advent Calendars worth investing in

I am writing this from my bed, sat in my comfies, not quite believing that what is happening. Quite frankly, I am obsessed with Christmas, and anyone who knows me will know that that is nothing but true.

However, this year I have been more than lucky. My beautiful boyfriend ( who also let me use his camera – thanks babe ) has given me 2 of the most gorgeous and lust-worthy advent calendars this year… and then I bought another one of my own. Because you can’t have too many, right?

Starting with the most amazing advent calendar of them all, please welcome The Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2016.


This is definitely one of the most sought-after advent calendars. After an amazing success last year, Liberty have brought back their calendar and now it’s more popular than ever.

The brands inside range from Nars and Laura Mercier to Kiehl’s and Diptyque. Despite setting you back a whopping £165, the website seems to claim the value of more than £500, which makes it a pretty good deal, I guess!



Another pleasant fact about this calendar is that, unlike most others, it has 25 compartments, therefore you get a little treat on Christmas Day too!

Even though this is a super pricey item, and definitely a treat, if you are going to get one calendar next year, please get this one! I am in love!

Next up, the beautiful Kiehl’s advent calendar.


This is on the more affordable side of things, £95 to be exact. Still expensive, don’t get me wrong, but this comes with a great range of most beloved Kiehl’s products, including the Midnight Recovery Oil, Amino Acid Shampoo, Creme de Corps and so many more!


The design of this is absolutely amazing! Much like the rest of the holiday collection, the packaging is a collaboration with Jeremy Wille which makes a pleasant change from the normal off-white packaging.


Once again, right now this is pretty much impossible to find, however, if you can get on this wagon next year, please do! It’s a perfect gift for any skincare junkie or a Kiehl’s lover. In the meantime, check out some of the amazing gift sets Kiehl’s put together for this year here!

Lastly, the most affordable version of the 3 is the Sanctuary Spa #letgo Days of Christmas advent calendar.


The most affordable of the bunch, this calendar will cost you only £25. Packed full of goodies for those who love a good treat for spa-at-home feel, the advent calendar features all their bestselling products ( as normal ).

The only annoying thing is that the calendar features some so-called “filler products”, some of which include a nail file and a sleeping mask? A bit odd for an advent calendar but it depends what you want! I am actually excited about the sleeping mask so I don’t mind too much..


Nonetheless, this is a good budget option so if you fancy a treat next year, thy and get them before they disappear of the shelves!


Sofiya xxx


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